Six Keeda full challenges of Arjun!
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Aar ya Paar

This was a duo stunt in which two platforms were suspended in the air at an intimidating height. On one side were several yellow and black flags which both the contestants had to stick on to the other side. The twist in this task is that the platforms were slowly getting apart from each other. And at one point the gap was too wide to make a jump. The moment both contestants were off the platform, the stunt got over. In the interim whichever team got the most flags on the second platform, won it!
Pakde rakhna, chodna nahi
This stunt, too, was a duo one. Just like the first one, they were suspended on a detachable rope up in the air. But this time they were upside down and were holding on to a rope hanging from a crane. The crane would do rotations and build up speed after every rotation. The moment the contestants let go of the rope they both would fall down into water. Whichever team held on till the most time or got more rotations, won.
Phefda vs Kekda
Crabs are something that a lot of people are scared of. They can make you snap at any time. In this stunt one contestant form each team had his face in a bowl which was filled with crabs followed by water. They had to breathe through a pipe which was in their mouth. To win the task they had to unscrew a series of screws and open the bowl to dispense all the water. Being a time stunt, whoever did this stunt in less time won.
Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 11.07.08 AM
In this stunt, one member from each team went up on a platform which was circular. It had four lean planks which had poles at the end. The contestant performing this stunt had to take one flag at a time and pin it to four poles which were at the end. Each time they pinned a flag, they had to go back to the middle to get another flag to pin it to another pole. Yet again it was a time stunt and the contestant who did it in the least time won.
Magar tum mil jao
The game changer stunt for 40 points was a real example of hardships at every step. It was a relay stunt and three contestants from each team performed. The first person had to crawl under a net which was full of wet mud and then jump into a hole which had 13 Cuban lizards. The contestant had to collect all of them and put them in a box and after coming out of the hole pin a flag to a pole just outside. This would trigger the start of the relay for the second contestant who had to climb a net, cross a monkey bridge and go up a ladder. At this end the third contestant would start his journey and cross two simultaneous zip lines, cross a hole of mud and then pickup a 20 kg Argentinean crocodile and cross the finish line. Whichever team finished this in less time, won.
Gaadi Choote Na
The last stunt of the week i.e. the elimination stunt which would see the farewell of a contestant was performed by two members of a same team. The contestants were tied to a race car and were dragged by it to a point after crossing which an explosion would occur. After that explosion the contestants had to let go of the car and try and reach near a particular target. Whoever was closer to the target lived for another week and the other one had to bid goodbye to the show.
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