Six Keeda full challenges of Arjun!
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Jab tak hai saans

It had been quite some time since a tough water stunt was given to the Khiladis, so Arjun finally got down to it. This week’s theme was Darr ki Tsunami and this stunt was quite close to it. In this escape stunt, one contestant from each team went into a cylindrical chamber which was locked up by two locks from the top. At great speed water filled in the chamber from the bottom and the contestants had to open the locks from the 4 keys they had and escape. Whoever did this in less time, won the round.
Teen tigada kaam bigada  
This was another solo stunt with a twist of keeda in it. One contestant lied down into a box which was then divided in three parts. First part had their face in it, second had the middle body and the third had the legs. First part was filled with scorpions; second one with lizards and the third one was overwhelmed with snakes. The contestant had to pick out 15 lizards from the middle part and drop it into a box outside. Being a time stunt, whoever finished it first, won the task. 
Darr Ki Tsunami Stunt 3 

This stunt was a rescue mission which required two members from each team- one male and one female. The female contestant was tied up in the bathtub filled with red colored water (which they did not know) and red water pouring down from the shower on the second floor of a stranded house. The male contestant had to start from the ground level. On first floor he would get an axe which was in a container of dirty water. On the second floor, he had to break the door of the room first, enter in and find the key. Then he had to break the door of the bathroom and unlock his partner. Whoever was able to pull this off in less time won the stunt.
Saanp Sungh Gaya
The contestants have gotten along with snakes after coming in this show. But this stunt would completely wipe out their fears of snake if they do it successfully. This stunt had two contestants from each team performing it. One person would lie in a box full of snakes while the other person had to get the snakes off the first contestant and put it in a box. The catch here is that the second contestant had to do it with their mouth. The box would then be weighted. The more their box weighs, the better their chances of winning.
This was the game changer stunt of the week i.e. the most important one. This was a team stunt and three members from each team would perform this stunt which would fetch their team 40 points. Each team had to go through a maze of wires and collect six flags at different points in the maze. The catch is that they will be electric wire and the intensity of the shock would increase the further they go in the maze. To make things worse for the contestants, they were showered with water before they went in. That came as a real shock!
Pushpa I hate tears.
The elimination stunt of the week which will see another contestant leave the show this week is never a child’s play. In this stunt the contestant was put in the trunk of the car with some snakes. The contestant had to go to the backseat by opening it and then using five keys had to open the a case on the driver’s seat that had a handle using which he/she had to open the window and get out of the car and pull of a flag on the bonnet. Whoever did it in less time, lived another week.


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