Six Keeda full challenges of Arjun!
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This is the second week of KKK and the heat in Argentina is definitely getting to the contestants. This time around Arjun decided to make the stunts full of action. If this was a good thing or a bad thing, that only the contestants can tell. For now, lets have a look at some of the keeda full challenges that came their way:



Main Nikla Gaddi Leke.

As the name suggests, this stunt involved driving a car. Yes, exactly what you are thinking of but with a little twist (more like a big one). The contestants were required to drive a car and he/she had to get the car inside a constantly moving truck. They were obviously given a ramp to climb but there was another catch in store for them. The ramp was also on a moving car. The driver had to pay attention to all the details and ensure to only steer the wheel of the car when the ramp hit the truck. The task was definitely not an easy one, mates!


Roll Baby Roll

This stunt involved a lot of cardio. One member from each team was required to perform this task. There was a big wheel at a certain height which was rolling(duh!) and the person up there had to keep up with the speed and try not to fall down because the moment they did, the task got over for them. But, there was a twist here too.The speed of the roller was NOT constant. It kept changing from fast to slow and vice versa and at any given point of time. So it was a bit of physics and brains along with a lot of stamina that was required to complete this task.




Keeda Cocktail

We all know how Arjun likes to mix things up and give the contestants a hard time with their tasks. Well, this task in particular would make Arjun proud because there was a lot of Keeda involved in it. One contestant from each team performed this task. Their heads were put in a glass bowl and was suspended on a rod which rotated. Then to join them in the bowl there were some really nasty keedas. When, we say keeda that includes a lot of snakes, crickets, frogs and cockroaches and they all accompanied them in that bowl and they were continuously rotating. While rotating they had to open two locks which chained up their hands. Whoever opened them the fastest, won the task.



Choohe ki Chummi

Yes, it does sound creepy. But in reality, it is creepier than you can probably imagine. This task was played in pairs and both the playing contestants had to face the wrath of this task. One contestant lied down in a glass box which was open from the top. He/she was chained up inside it and, just for fun, was given some companions. (Some being the operative word) The companions were.. *drum roll* 200 rats, ladies and gentlemen. And the other contestant had to find the keys to the lock in a box full of dirty water which had a lot of dead fishes in it. Yikes! Not only that, they had to take the keys out with their mouth and not their hands. Seems like you guys are catching up. Whichever team took the least time to complete it, won the task.



Dooba Dooba Rehta Hu

The game changer task of the week and by far the most thrilling one too, this task really took the contestants’ breath away. You might know by know that it was a task including water. But how about this- A water-rescue mission. For this, each team had to send three members from their team. This task had a bus drowned in a swimming pool which had three dummies tied to the seats in it. One member would go in at a time and rescue a dummy, swim with it and put it on a raft. Only then would the other person could go in and continue the drill. For this each team had 10 minutes in totality. The dummy was really heavy and the contestants had to hold their breaths underwater for a considerable amount of time which made this task real tough to do.



This was the elimination task of the week which every team had to face. Two members from the losing team had to do this task and at the risk of being eliminated. The person doing the stunt was put on top of a car which was then suspended at a height which would probably freak anyone out. The car had 50 flags attached to it which the contestant had to take out. But….Buttt… It is never that easy. The car would be rotating and the person doing the stunt had to accordingly go with it. The speed of rotation increased after every round which made this task really tough. Whoever took out the most flags in less time lived another week on the show.

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