Sonam and Raksham’s affair – A shocking news for the family
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Nityam and Manav have an official meeting where they talk about each other’s choices and philosophy of life and that’s when Manav ends up commenting that Saavi and Nityam are poles apart and that is the major reason why their marriage didn’t work, and Nityam gets agitated and asks him to leave and Manav while leaving makes it clear that he will not be joining Dalmia Industries. Later we see Sonam has been harassed by some goons and Raksham saves her and drops her back to Goyal house, and we reveal that it was all a ploy by Sonam to emotionally manipulate Raksham so that he can talk to Vedika about their relationship. After Manav leaves from Nityam’s office, Saavi comes with a dosa to pick him up and which Manav and Saavi were talking, Nityam happens to see them, and he seethes in anger.

Meanwhile, in the Dalmia mansion, Dadu gets a panic attack, and he relives his moments in the jail and Vedika apparently breaks down in front of Raksham who had come to talk to her regarding her marriage with Sonam, but seeing Vedika’s condition, he decides to remain quite when Vedika ends up saying that they won’t connect with Goyals ever again. Later in the night, Raksham tells Sonam that their families will never let them unite and their separation is the key to happiness for everybody. Saavi learns that Ananya is not going for her project to Delhi because of the financial conditions of the house and Saavi feels very bad and is hurt and that’s when even Sonam blames her for snatching her happiness with Raksham and Saavi breaks down when Manav comes and supports her. Next day morning, Dalmias and Goyals are completely shocked after looking at the newspapers to the news of Sonam and Raksham’s affair.

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