Spicy twists and turns will entertain PaRud fans: Ankita Sharma
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PaRud fans were thoroughly enjoying their favorite couple redefine romance on-screen, but are any love stories complete without a villain? In their case, the villain is named Laila. A beautiful villain indeed. And by the looks of it, she seems to have made her place in Rudra’s haveli quite comfortably. But where does this change in story leave PaRud’s relationship? We got in touch with Ankita Sharma, who plays the role of Laila and she gave us the much-need deets! Read on!
Q. Your character is back again and this time with revenge in mind. Please tell us more.

A.Every story has a villain so for this story I’m the villain which brings the couple back together. For 8 years Laila was a devoted lover to Rudra but he never let her come close. And now seeing Paro share a much better chemistry has left Laila miffed, and she is back to get revenge.
Q. Do you think Laila’s return will affect PaRud or are they too strong as a couple?

A.Obviously it will. Laila is a kind of a girl who will go to any lengths to reclaim her Rudra and as of now her main aim is to disrupt Paro and Rudra’s relationship.
Q. Laila has already tried to torture Paro, will the audience get to see more such sequences?

A. Yes, the audiences are definitely in for a treat as there are much more spicy turns and twists which will entertain them all the more!  
Q. Once again we saw you dance but this time it was with Sanaya. How was the experience of shooting that sequence and any comments over Sanaya as a dancer?

A.Dance sequences are always fun. I have been trained since childhood so whenever I get such scenes to do I feel very excited. Talking about Sanaya, I must say she’s a quick learner. She has the agility to dance gracefully and we had loads of fun doing this particular sequence.
Q. Your co-star Ashish is now a contestant on Jhalak 7, as a dancer would you like to give him any tips?

A. I think he is smart enough so he doesn't need any tips as such, but I would like to give him good wishes from my side.

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