SPOILER ALERT: Anita’s deaf and mute act will touch your heart!
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  • September 16, 2015
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As soon as their performance began, everyone from the judges to the contestants fell silent and turned all their attention towards them. Anita and Sanam’s dance routine to the song ‘jo bheji thi dua’ wasn’t just soothing but also mesmerizing. The duo played deaf and mute characters and they brought the essence and chemistry between two lovers alive on stage. The part in the act where Sanam asks Anita to feel the beats of the music struck a chord with all the judges as it showed the intensity between two people very much in love. The judges couldn’t stop complimenting the two for their brilliant act. Sanam who played to Anita’s strengths was able to showcase all the elements of a love story in just two and a half minutes. You gotta see it to know how incredibly beautiful the act is!


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