Spoiler Alert: Jhalak Poora Filmy Hai!
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  • September 15, 2015
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Week 11 has some filmy buzz in store for Jhalak lovers. After Bollywood ka tadka, we will take performances to another level with concept acts! 

We shall start by telling you how the judges got into line for Sholay reloaded auditions. Yes, Shahid and Ganesh even fought over who would play Gabbar’s role. Lauren was pretty happy with her Dhanno avtaar while Manish got a tailor made role for himself as he got into Veeru’s shoes. Between all this messed up Sholay drama, Malaika blew the opening whistle for the performances to start with wild card entries showing their Jalwa.

Faisal spilled his magic with a unique concept act which was not only out of the box, but out of the Jhalak stage as well. Get ready to see Faisal get into the Singh is Bling mode for this week’s performance. Judges were as usual quite flattered by his performance, however there was something they were all unhappy about. What could it be? 

Moreover, there will be some criticism and warning coming up for all the contestants by the judges. 

What has upset our judges? Who will see the face of elimination? Who got the immunity ball? Watch out this space for all Jhalak titbits and much more!

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