Spoiler Alert: Shamita resorts to Maa Durga for this week’s performance!
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  • September 15, 2015
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This week Shamita and Deepak gave a spellbinding mythological performance around goddess Durga.  They portrayed the battle of good and evil through the ‘Devi and Asura’ act with sword and trishul as their props, where Deepak played the latter, the one who caused havoc in the three lokas.

Dance Guru, Ganesh was quite impressed with their act and complimented Deepak on his dynamic energy and Shamita on her grand entry. Malaika decided to play around and said, “Should I call you Shamita or Jai Mata Di!” She further added that their performance was filled with energy and had a strong impact. Lauren chose to agree with Malaika and also commented that once the costume was on, Shamita completely transformed and so did the energy around her. Shahid Kapoor enjoyed the performance but said, “Is hafte I feel the contestants are depending on their choreographer too much to be safe. Shamita you are looking so good in the outfit. I felt you were doing justice to the part you are playing.” All the judges agreed in unison that her performance concentrated on the concept and there was less dancing. “Marks are for dance,” said Shahid.

Well, did she win the immunity ball or was it her last performance on Jhalak? You will get to know only on Jhalak this week. Don't forget to tune at 9 pm. 

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