Sultan breaks the news to RK #Madhubala Weekly Update – 17th June to 22nd June
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The week began with Madhu looking for RK in the studio. He leaves her in the dark and she starts to worry. But RK returns and does a small dance for Madhu in her style. Madhu takes the stick from his hand in complete RK style locks him in her arms. Watch this sequence right here.

RK picks up Madhu and puts her in bed. He begins to remove her jewellery and one by one reminds her of all the first sweet moments they spent in the studio. He asks her to call him by his real name and Madhu says ‘Rishabh’. Watch as RK and Madhu spend their first night together as a couple.

Next morning, Madhu wakes up wearing RK’s coat and he comments on how tiny she is. Some workers enter the studio and RK hurriedly makes Madhu change in the telephone booth. Once they reach home, RK asks her to behave like his Biwi but Madhu denies citing she isn’t scared of him. He then leaves her asking her to look for his ‘pyaar ki nishaani’ on her. Confused, Madhu searches in the mirror and finds a love mark on her neck. Watch as Madhu blushes looking at the mark. 

At the breakfast table, RK tries to tease Madhu by holding hands under the table but Madhu gets out of it easily. At that moment, Radha announces that she wants to go live in Delhi for a few months and hearing this RK gets upset. Watch as RK asks Radha to not go anywhere. 

Sultan brings Meera home but she’s scared to be with him. She anxiously looks around the new surroundings and retracts every time Sultan touches her. Aryan asks Sultan about her and he tells her that she’s his grandmother. Aryan is not too happy to hear about it and claims he doesn’t like her. Watch as Meera comes to live with Sultan.

RK calls a press conference and announces his plan to re-open his father’s Sitara studio. When Meera watches this news, she starts to scream as she recognizes the studio name. Sultan rushes to help her and in exasperation she talks about Mohan Kundra and how she loved him but he left her. She talks about having a son and Sultan urges her to remember more. She comments he has the same blue eyes and Sultan tells her that he’s only her son but she passes out. Watch this sequence right here.

Sikky declares that he too is starting a new business of planning weddings and has collected 25 lacs for it. When Dipali questions from where he got such a huge amount he tries to cover up but later accepts that he sold off her jewellery. Dipali warns him to get her jewellery back anyhow. Watch as Radha helps Sikky in his new business.

RK looks at his father’s picture and is happy to think about the reopening. Madhu comments now he can play his favorite songs on the old gramophone. At Sultan’s house Meera asks him if he is sad in life and to tell her about his childhood. Watch as RK and Sultan discuss their past childhood with Madhu and Meera respectively.

RK keeps a havan for Mohan Kundra’s soul and everyone is present at the studio. He sits to do the puja and when Panditji asks for Mohan Kundra’s son to add oil in the havankund, Sultan comes and holds the spoon RK is holding. Panditji says only his son can do the puja and asks who is the heir? Both reply affirmative in unison. Watch this shocking moment right here!

Madhu asks Sultan what is he doing and he asks her to stay out of it. RK gets angry on him for spoiling the family moment and warns him to get out. Sultan throws water in the havankund and RK goes to hit him. Watch as Sultan and RK come face to face.

Sultan exclaims that no puja can ever be done for a man like Mohan Kundra and RK tells hi mto not malign his father’s name. Sultan tells him to the truth is that he is Mohan Kundra’s son and RK is his illegitimate child. All are shocked to hear this but RK doesn’t believe it and says he is only trying to take revenge because he got married to Madhu. Watch as Sultan brings in Rasheed to prove that he is RK’s brother.

RK comments that he will and always be the illegitimate child and hearing this Sultan punches RK and his mouth starts to bleed. He goes to hit him back again but Madhu tries to intervene. RK picks up a rod to hit Sultan but Madhu tries to stop him because of which the rod is about to fall on her. Watch as RK and Sultan both save Madhu at the nick of time.

Sultan picks up the rod and breaks Mohan Kundra’s portrait. Radha is shattered to see this and the family leaves from there. When they come back to RK mansion Radha faints and RK and Madhu rush to be by her side. Watch as Sultan’s news break RK’s family.

Doctors give medicines to Radha and ask her to rest. RK and Madhu insists they won’t go for their honeymoon but Radha doesn’t listen to them and urges them to go. Madhu apologizes to RK thinking because of her sultan is in their lives but he tells her to not feel guilty. She requests him to talk to Sultan once with a cool mind and RK grudgingly accepts her idea. Watch as RK decides to meet Sultan.

Will RK listen to Sultans’ claims or has the war officially begun between the two enemies? Keep watching this space for more updates!


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