Sultan brings Meera to RK mansion #Madhubala Weekly Update 24th June to 29th June 2013
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The week began with Sultan trying to bond with Meera. He helps her eat food and at that moment he receives a call from Madhu. He disconnects first few times but then eventually Aryan answers the call and gives it to Sultan. Madhu requests him to talk to RK and Sultan doesn’t believe that RK is ready to have a conversation. Watch as Sultan agrees to have a chat with RK.

Madhu goes along with RK to meet Sultan but when the latter reaches, RK sends her home with Bittuji. RK blames Sultan for trying to take revenge for not getting Madhu and is using his father’s name. Sultan explains that he is only fighting for his mother’s respect but RK doesn’t believe him. Watch as RK gets Sultan arrested.

Next morning RK and Madhu are preparing to leave for honeymoon but Sultan makes a brief visit. He comes and announces that he and his mother will now stay in RK mansion. Sultan states that no police can keep him inside for long and on hearing this Madhu realizes RK’s plans and feels hurt. RK dares Sultan to step in but he challenges to malign Mohan Kundra’s name because of which Radha gets in tension and in tension faints. Watch as Sultan brings Meera home.

Madhu goes to meet Sultan in his room and asks him if he thinks that the driver said the truth. She claims there could be a possibility of a misunderstanding but Sultan refuses to accept anything and states that his heart knows his mother is saying the truth. RK comes and gives a blank cheque to Sultan and requests him to leave home at a desired amount. Sultan writes his mother’s name on the cheque and declares that’s all he wants for her. Watch as RK and Sultan almost get into a fight.

Radha joins in the commotion and tells everyone to stop maligning her husband’s name. She tells Sultan that she is ready to understand Meera’s pain but she knows that her husband didn’t do anything wrong. Sultan asks her to tell the truth that if she never felt Mohan Kundra was hiding something from her. Watch as Radha goes numb after being questioned by Sultan.

RK is highly upset by Sultan’s pressure on Radha and is looking for ways to throw him out. Madhu advises him to not push Sultan as he is bound to return with vengeance. RK taunts him for supporting him and Madhu too reminds him about he used her to get sultan arrested. Watch as RK and Madhu have their first fight after marriage.

Madhu tries to talk to Radha and suggests they question the driver as to why si he spreading rumors about Mohan Kundra. Radha pays no interest to her and asks her to leave her alone. Madhu goes to the kitchen and finds Sultan. He tries to apologize but Madhu doesn’t accept it. Meera comes looking for Sultan and he introduces her to Madhu. She follows Madhu to Radha’s room and this upsets the latter. Watch Radha and Meera’s confrontation in this video.

Madhu waits for RK to come home and Sultan sees her sleeping on the couch. He goes to close the curtains but notices RK entering. He comes and gently wakes up Madhu and she apologizes to him for fighting earlier. They both make up and Sultan watches them from afar. Watch as RK and Madhu solve their fight.

Does Radha know something about Meera and will RK be successful in throwing Sultan out? Keep watching this space for more updates!

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