Tanuja determined to find out the truth on ‘Kasam’
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Previously on the show, we saw Rishi and Tanuja engaging in an adorable confrontation. Rishi asked Tanuja if she is doing all this for him or does she not love him anymore. Rishi declared that he will stop caring as well and fall out of love with her. Tanuja told him that she is glad he understands. After he walked away, she felt extremely bad for treating him like that.

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After a hilarious interaction in the kitchen where Tanuja threatens to throw Raj out of the house because they know Rano is eavesdropping, Rano stepped in to interfere but Tanuja called her an old woman. Raj started giggling sneakily after seeing Rano’s shocked expression. Tanuja and Raj discussed how Tanuja has to keep up her act and keep Purab and Malaika’s conversation a secret, even from Rishi.  Tanuja told Raj that she wants Netra away from Rishi. Raj laughed at her jealousy.  

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Purab and Malaika were seen bickering as their lawyer came in and told them that nothing can be done now. Later, in another hilarious scene we saw Rishi and Manpreet having a debate about their wives and Rishi gave Manpreet some advice on how to control his wife. Tanuja and Ahana overheard the conversation and the guys got startled when they turned to see them.

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Are you excited to see what happens next?


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