Tanuja faces a heartbreaking decision on ‘Kasam’
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  • February 9, 2017
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Even after facing countless challenges and trials, Rishi and Tanuja are always driven apart by unseen forces. Their unconditional love for each other is the only thing that doesn't let them fall apart completely. 


We saw last time that, Rishi told Tanuja to come with him and to not ask him any questions.The two returned home much to Rano’s dismay who told him this was unacceptable. Her condition got worse and Rishi promised again to leave Tanuja and get married to someone else. 


Rishi told Rano that he can’t leave Tanuja alone, and stated that he will only remarry if Tanuja promised him that she will also marry someone else, but Tanuja told him that would never happen and ran away from the house. Devastated, she stumbled across a temple where she prayed to God and admitted she would rather die than marry someone else.

Tanuja is at a major crossroads in her life. What will she do now?

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