Tapasya takes the bullet for Mukta #Uttaran Weekly Update – 7th Mar to 13th Mar
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The week began with Pavitra and Gomti prepping up Meethi for her big night with Akash. They show her the decorated room and meanwhile, in the other room, Maiyya lectures Akash on not to lose his focus and to hurt Meethi as much as possible. Akash enters the room and finds Meethi waiting for him. They both tease each other and finally fall in to each other’s arms. Watch Akash and Meethi’s first night right here!

Tapasya goes to meet Amla and thanks her profusely for accepting the situation. She then reads out a letter that Ichcha had sent for Amla and both turn nostalgic. Tapasya casually mentions of looking for a proof against Tej Singh and Amla confides that Chanda might be hiding the proof as she was always stealing jewelry and other things and keeping with her in a box. Watch their conversation in this video. 

Next day, Meethi wakes up to an empty bed and worries where Akash is. She goes out to look for him and finds an armchair and rushes to sit on it. This infuriates Maasi but Maiyya asks her to let go and taunts Meethi at every opportunity and tires to scare her by violently pushing her chair. At that moment, Kajri enters who is revealed to be Nirbhay’s wife. She is introduced to Meethi and both take an instant liking to each other. Watch Kajri’s entry in this video.

Tapasya goes to the store room to look for the hidden tape but at that moment Chanda also enters and Tapasya hides behind the curtains. Chanda opens her box and checks if the tape is inside and feels relieved to see it there. She is about to lock the box when she hears a noise and goes to the window to check. Tapasya immediately steals a key out of the bunch and opens the box once Chanda leaves. Watch as Tapasya finds the tape that will reveal Tej Singh’s guilt.

Bundela family does preparations for the Mahashivratri puja and Ichcha invites Mukta and Rathore too along with the Thakur family. The panditiji asks everyone to settle down but Tapasya interrupts and asks everyone to watch a video that would reveal the true killer of Daddaji. Chanda rushes to call Tej Singh while the family watches how Tej Singh killed Daddaji. Rathore and Mukta also enter and decide to call the police. At that moment, Tej Singh comes and holds Mukta at gunpoint. Watch as Tej Singh’s crime is revealed to Bundela family.

Tej Singh threatens Tapasya and warns her to return the tape. Everyone coaxes Tapasya to listen to Tej Singh and when she goes to get the tape, Veer and Rathore attempt to divert Tej Singh’s attention and get Mukta out of his grasp. But in all the chaos Tej Singh fires his gun and the bullet hits Tapasya. Watch as Tapasya gets shot by Tej Singh.

Tapasya is rushed to the hospital and Rathore pleads the doctor to save his wife.  Mukta starts crying and blames himself for her mother’s condition. The doctors come out and inform Rathore that Tapasya is in a very critical condition and they need to operate her immediately. Watch as the whole family prays for Tapasya’s safety.

Meethi gets the same nightmare as Ichcha and wakes up scared. She finds Akash coughing and rushes out to get water for him but gets lost in the haveli. She hears someone banging the door and goes to check in but Maiyya comes and stops her and asks her to not interfere in this side of the haveli. Meethi gets scared on hearing this but goes back to her room quietly. She later asks Akash if they would be leaving from the haveli soon as she misses her family. Watch as Meethi starts to feel uncomfortable in the haveli.

Doctors almost give up hope on Tapasya, will she survive from this? And how will Meethi’s muhdikhayi rasam go? Watch the latest promo right here!


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