Ten things you did not know about David Dhawan
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From directing the No. 1 rib ticklers to directing his own son Varun Dhawan, David Dhawan has given us unlimited laughter through his feel good movies. But, only a few know that he wanted to be an actor, started his career as an Editor and is now India's most loved director. Here we list down ten things you did not know about David Dhawan's life.1. David is not his real name.

His real name is Rajendra Dahwan, it was one of his neighbours who started calling him David and since then we all know him as David Dhavan. Whej Anupam Kher asked him about this, he jokingly said, “Thank god, Pappu nahi rakha. Pappu Dhavan…” and chuckled!

1.      2.  He started his career as an editor way before he switched to Direction

Although he was bright in studies, he never was serious about education. He was leading an aimless life. After he came to Bombay, he got the germ of acting and applied for the acting course in FTII. Seeing all his contemporaries like Rakesh Bedi and Satish Shah, he suddenly felt very discouraged and quit the idea of becoming an actor. He then went to Roshan Taneja, where he got a second chance of choosing a course and he chose editing. “I wanted to make commercial movies. So, I thought editing would help me when I will be directing movies.”

3.  It was a Bengali movie that changed David Dhavan’s life and approach towards his career.

 “In the institute, we were made to watch best movies from languages across the world. It so happened that one day they showed a Bengali film without subtitles and I got so involved in the whole process, I did not get up even when the movie got over. It was ‘Meghe Dhaka Tara ‘by Rithwik Ghatak. That movie changed my life. “  He passed out as a gold medalist in Editing from FTII.

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4.  He was the editor for Anupam Kher’s debut movie Saaransh

While talking about his life as an editor David reminisced about how he got his first break as an editor and how thankless was the job of an editor was, back in those days. He then spoke about his experience while editing Anupam Kher’s debut movie, Saraansh. “The film seemed very slow to me. There are some movies that are inherently slow, but in others the actors make it slow. I don’t know what the problem in Saaransh was.”

5. His wife has been his biggest support.

Laali, David’s wife, comes from a big family, although it was an arranged marriage, she supported David like every partner should. “She used to do the best in whatever I would earn. And, when it came to taking the big step towards direction, she pushed me to do it. I asked her what about the editing assignments. She said, don’t worry if need be, I will earn. Even with the kids, she made sure they studies well. “

6.  His first car was a taxi

Talking about his struggle in Bombay, David related an incident about how he bought his first car. He used to travel from Santa Cruz to Worli everyday on his scooter and sometimes by train. It was his fiend and actor Avtar Gill, who told him to end this and buy a Taxi Car. A taxi car is an old taxi,  which you can buy, reapair and modify for personal use. “We painted the yellow roof top of the taxi black and bought it for eight grand back then.”

Varun-David Dhawan

7. He almost gave up on the sets of Main Tera Hero

David took his medicine on an empty stomach in Bangkok while shooting Main Tera Hero with his son Varun and passed out. Every one on the sets thought he was no more. There was a pin drop silence on the sets and Varun was numb. “Call it a father-son bond or divine intervention that I told him that I am going and I passed out but Varun poked his fingers in my mouth and threw-up. I was not dead, I had just fallen unconscious.”

8.  His first salary was a three figure

David started working in television before he got his break in movies, offered by Savan Kumar Tak, as an editor . His monthly Salary used to be seven hundred rupees and he managed to pay the rent, eat through the month and got four trousers stitched for him.

9. Sanjay Dutt gave him his first break as a Director.

Sanjay Dutt has been a very close friend of David Dhavan. Even when he was contemplating about getting into movies as a Director, it was Sanjay Dutt, who had offered David to direct a movie starring him.

Varun-David Dhawan02

10. Varun's career is a ' Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai' moment for him
According to David , “If Varun Dhawan can become an actor, to life mein Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai.”
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