Ten things you did not know about Shahrukh Khan
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The Anupam Kher Show- Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai, which premiered last week on Colors had Shahrukh Khan as its first guest on the show.  While we all have seen a zillion other interviews by King Khan-talking about his films, his career, his rivalry, rumours around his life et all- In this show it was all about catharsis of emotions. Anupam Kher as a host and an old friend of the star reached out to his most emotional self and in a candid confession, Shahrukh spoke about his fears, his beliefs and his family.

Here are the 10 things we did not know about the reigning King of Hindi film industry, Shahrukh Khan

1. Shahrukh Khan is not his real name

His fans have given him several names starting from Baadshah Khan to Baadshah of Bollywood and SRK to King Khan, but not even these fans knew that the actor’s naani, who also raised him in Bangalore, had named him Abdul Rehman. It was later that his mother named him Shahrukh, which essentially means face like that of a prince. Shahrukh  jokingly said, “Thank god my mother changed my name, or else it would look so odd –‘Abdul Rehman in and as Baazigar’

2. He used to play with the likes of Raj Babbar and Rohini Hattangadi while still in school
SRK’s father used to run a canteen in National School of Drama, where the actor used to spend most of his time after school and got acquainted with the respected thespians like Raghuveer Yadav, Surekha Sikri, Rohini Hattangadi and Raj Babbar (whom he used to refer to as Babbar uncle). Whitout any intention of being an actor, it was perhaps the destiny that had brought him closer to his profession- acting. Fortunate enough to be around such great actors, SRK got pedigree in the art that most actors struggle for.


3. Shahrukh’s kids laugh at him when he cries in front of them
No, they are not disrespectful towards him, but just like the superstar, his kids too have a good sense of humour. When Anupam asked Shahrukh about the last time he had cried, he in his inimitable style said, “Once or twice during the IPL”. When prodded further the actor revealed that he has a heart full of feelings and he cries a lot, but alone in the bathroom.  “I cry when I think of my parents and when I am happy. I try not to cry in front of my kids because they feel bad.” “But after some time they make fun of me,” he quickly added.

4. He did not want to be a film star and shift to Mumbai
SRK’s father, a highly qualified man, faced a lot of financial problems in his career and life but he always encourage him to follow his heart. He told Shahrukh to excel in whatever he wanted to do. The actor fondly remembered his father saying, “Jo kuch nahi karte, wo kamala karte hain”(Those who do nothing, do magic). SRK was very active in sports and used to play hockey. It was only after a back injury that he gave up sports and started acting. Luckily his first TV serial, Fauji became a huge success and he started getting a lot of offers from Bombay. He never wanted to leave Delhi and declined all the offers until one day he got a call from Hema Malini.


5. He considers himself as the best in the world
When Anupam asked him about the day when someone else will take his place and he will not be the king of Bollywood anymore, SRK threw a repartee by saying, “I am the last of the stars.” He quickly went on to explain why this statement shouldn’t be regarded as arrogance but a belief. SRK confessed that he knows he is not the best looking or the most polished actor, but he would like to believe so, as this belief keeps him going.

6. He thinks he is the most hardworking man
Anupam asked SRK if he is greedy or ambitious. SRK’s reply- “Neither, I am just hardworking” Anupam then asked him if it surprises the actor to know that there are so many hardworking people who come to Mumbai everyday to be successful but it was him who has come so far, to which he said that they work hard till they meet success, but “Bada banne ke baad meri jitni mehant koi nahi kar sakta” (I work hard everyday despite achieving so much in my life. No one is as hardworking as I am)

7. He is oversensitive
We all may think that nothing can really bother a man with such a good sense of humour until SRK revealed in the show that he can’t stand people who misbehave, even if they are his kids. “I am oversensitive and disrespect hurts me a lot.” The actor then told Anupam how he had bashed up people in the past for misbehaving and saying mean things to him and he doesn’t regret doing that.  When Anupam told him that everyone can't love him, he said, “Don’t like me, don’t like my acting, but don’t get personal either.”

srk 6

8. His biggest fear is losing his hands
We have seen him stretching his arms open wide and embracing the most beautiful actresses. That has not only become his signature step but a gesture of romance. And you will be shocked to know that the actor who doesn’t fear anything in the world fears losing his hands! Yes, when asked about his fears in a rather serious segment, SRK even more seriously told, “The only fear I have is someone will cut my hands off.”

9. He wants his daughter to be an actress
While most of the actors are conservative and overprotective about their daughters and dismiss the idea of them being an actress, Shahrukh dreams of his daughter becoming one. ‘Having brought-up by women, I have spent my life around women and I respect them immensely. I respect the all my heroines. They are very hard-working and I want my daughter to be one of them.”


10. He is writing a book titled- 20 years of a decade
On Mahesh Bhatt’s persuasion Shahrukh started writing about his life. He started writing this book and titled it 20 years of a decade because he felt as if he had spent 20 years in those 10 years of his career. The book is not finished yet and SRK feels, “There are so many things that keep happening in my life- sad, happy, so much action, so I keep adding those to the book. That is why I have not been able to finish the book.” Not only this, he is also writing a book for his daughter Suhana titled- To Suhana on acting from papa. “I need to tell someone how I act, and since my daughter wants to be an actress, I am writing all my experiences as an actor. There are very small things and incidents of about 4 to 5 lines. I hope she reads it some day.”
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