Ten Things you didn’t know about Akshay Kumar #TheAnupamKherShow
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He sets one of the best examples of being a self-made personality in the Bollywood industry. From being a regular Rajeev Bhatia from Chandni Chowk to today’s reigning superstar of Bollywood, Akshay Kumar has surely come a long way! Here’s presenting Ten things we’re sure you didn’t know about the Khiladi Kumar!

1.For Akshay, the aim is to survive

He doesn’t come from a very affluent background and has done many odd jobs in his initial days of youth. We’ve all heard stories of how he worked as a waiter while learning martial arts in Bangkok but not many know that Akshay even sold Kundan Jewelry at Muhammad Ali Road, Mumbai and would often travel between Dhaka-Kolkata-Bangkok for varied business purposes. He said, “my aim was survival. Any job that came my way and that paid good money I would do without hesitation.”

2.Akshay’s role model is his father

We all find our supoort system in our parents and Akshay says he’s no different .AS a child he was never interested in studies but held a keen interest in sports and his father always encouraged him. “He would come with me for my volleyball matches and be the water boy. He would take care of me, motivate me and also players of the other team. I wish everyone had a father like mine. Because of him I developed the love for sports.”

3.Akshay was looted by dacoits of Chambal!

Once while traveling between his route of Kolkata and Dhaka, a few dacoits had hijacked the bogey Akshay was traveling in. And just before boarding our actor had shopped clothes for himself from the popular Fashion Street but the dacoits looted everyone including his brand new clothes! In a very funny manner Akshay shared, “I pretended to sleep but then they came to check my bags and I couldn’t even get up to save it. I was laughing and crying at the same time!”
4.Akshay worked as a Light Boy for a photographer

In all the odd jobs Akshay had done, the best came his way when he got a modeling stint that got him his first cheque of Rs. 21,000. Post that he got a job as a light boy for the then popular photographer Jay Seth. Akshay said, “While working with him I got to meet stars like Govinda, Rekha and many others. In fact, once while working Govinda even said to me that I can become a hero. It was such a big compliment for me and very humble of him!”



5.Akshay believes that no one can fail

Despite facing many challenges in life not once has Akhay let the circumstances make him feel down. He firmly believes that if some one works diligently he/she is bound to achieve success. “Aap kabhi fail nahi ho sakte, success ghum ke paas aap ke paas zaroor aayegi yeh mera maan na hai.” 

6.Akshay has learned a lot from his father

While talking about his father Akshay got emotional and shared a heart-touching incident. “My father passed away 10-12 years ago and when he was admitted he had that feeling that he may not survive. And I was to leave for a world tour soon and I didn’t know what to do. My father sat me down and urged me to go for the tour. He has always thought me that if a word or a promise is made to someone, one should always stand by it and fulfill their commitment. And a day after he passed away I went for my World tour.”



7.Akshay doesn’t believe in negativity

The actor thinks it’s impossible for him to think negative and he just cannot see the bad in people. Till date he holds no regrets in life and believes whatever he has asked he has got it, albeit slowly but his wish has come true. “People say you should meditate by staring at a candle. I don’t believe in all that. I think the best way to achieve inner peace is by daily doing a good thing for some other human being or an animal and that satisfaction that you feel that is inner peace.”



8.Tina has tamed the wild in Akshay

Before proposing to his wife Twinkle, fondly called as Tina, Akshay had given 14 flops. But yet when he put out his proposal Akshay candidly admits that she accepted it and that for him is a big favor! He said, “I can easily say that my wife Tina has tamed the wild in me. After meeting her I changed a lot in life and I can say in a good way.”
9.Akshay has never received any awards

Akshay has done 120 films in his career and unfortunately hasn’t received any awards. He shared, “All these award functions are manipulated. Organisers tell me they will give me an award but will pay half the money. I tell them please pay and keep your awards.”

When asked any specific movies he thinks he deserved an award, he named these three: Sangharsh, Special 26 and Khakee.



10. Akshay’s Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai moment

From being a waiter in Bangkok to ruling the film industry, Akshay’s life is full of fate-changing moments. But when asked about the ultimate ‘Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai Moment’ Akshay said, “while working in Bangkok I had three posters plastered in my room. One of Sylvester Stallone in Rocky, one of Jackie Chan and the other of Sridevi. And today by God’s grace I’ve worked with all three of them!” Truly Life Mein Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai!


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