Ten things you didn’t know about Alia Bhatt!
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This Sunday we saw Alia Bhatt open about her life, family and her passion to be on camera with Anupam Kher on his chat show. Known to be a Daddy's Girl, Alia accompanied by father Mahesh Bhatt got candid and revealed in her innermost fear. Here are top 10 things about Alia Bhatt  that we got to know from The Anupam Kher Show.

1) Always wanted to be an actor

Alia has always found her inspiration in her seniors. Since childhood she wanted to be an actor. As a child she used to emulate Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Karishma Kapoor and even Shahrukh Khan.  She said “ I used to try and emulate Aishwarya Rai, Kareena Kapoor and even Shah Rukh Khan. I wanted to be like Shah Rukh Khan” 

2) Mumma's daughter

Alia is still a little kid for her Mum. She still has to take permission from her before going anywhere or making any decisions. Like a regular mom-daughter, they fight on silly things and have arguments.



3) It's alll about loving your family

The talks about the complex relationships between her father and the family including her step Mom and step sister never bothered her because she has always believed in the trueness and honesty of any relationship. She said “As a family we have come closer, there is no facade or fakeness in our relationship.” 

4) I would like to work in Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahi

Alia loves some of the movies directed by her father and if she ever gets a chance she would like to be a part of Dil hai ke Maanta Nahi and Hum Hai Rahi Pyaar Ke. “My favorite movies are Saaransh and Zakhm, but because I can’t be a part of these cult classics I would like to work in Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi and Hum Hai Rahi Pyar ke.”  On asking her why Mahesh Bhatt isn’t directing her she replied, “He is an extinct volcano”.



5) I love sleeping

Other than movies and acting, Alia loves sleeping. A good sleep makes her happy. “I feel a little lost with all that is happening around me.” she said

6) Singing is in my genes

Before her unplugged version of Samjhawan released, Mahesh Bhatt never knew that his daughter could also sing.  After listening to the song he was pleasantly surprised and loved her voice. “I haven’t learnt singing from anyone. I think it is in my genes because my Mom, Shaheen, my Grandpa and GrandMom are great singers.”



7) I admire my dad for his will power

Alia is head strong and she terms her father as a source of strong will power. “I’m a little bit of both, I admire my dad for his will power. I have inherited the same from him.” 

8) I want to guy who can make me laugh

Alia is looking for a guy who will not only be her best friend but who can make her laugh and with whom she can be her true self. On asking if she would like to marry someone who is similar to her father she replied “I don’t want a husband like my dad.” 


9) I am an introvert

She is an introvert and even when she manages to mingle with people she limits herself. She wants some things to be kept to herself.  “I’m an introvert. I want to keep some things to myself” 

10) Crying is good

At the release of Student of The Year she was nervous thinking about her future in movies.  She found solace in her Dad went to meet him and blabbered whatever came in her mind and she cried. She thinks crying is okay, “At times crying is good” she said. 

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