Ten things you didn’t know about Kangana Ranaut
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In an industry dominated mainly by the males, Kangana Ranaut sets an extraordinary example of an actress with substance. On The Anupam Kher Show, Kangana spoke about her journey, her depressing phase in life and how she outlived it all. Here are ten things you probably didn’t know about this beautiful actress.

Kangana talks about her journey



When issues are raised on her poor English


While Kangana is a great actress, media and critics have many a times raised questions on her English speaking skills and this is something that irritates her a bit. She said, “I think it’s more so unfortunate for me to be criticized about English since my great-grandfather was a clerk for the British and he spoke the language fluently.”
At the age of 15 she quit studies

Her family always had huge expectations from her and from childhood was pressurized to attain a profession like a doctor or an engineer as such. But when Kangana moved to a hostel in Chandigarh, she experienced a new world, met new people and her views changed and she developed a new ambition.

Kangana talks about her journey



Her first role on stage was of a male character


After deciding to leave her family, Kangana set out to make her career and started to look for work in Delhi. It was in Indian Habitat Centre that Kangana found a place in an acting workshop and when one of the male actors fell sick she got to perform her first role on stage. And that too of a male!

Getting Gangster was her Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai moment

With the movie Gangster, Kangana made her debut in the industry. But getting the role wasn’t that simple. “The makers were ready to sign Chitrangdha (Singh) for this role as they wanted someone older looking and I was only seventeen then. But when she didn’t respond to their calls at the last minute, Anurag (Basu) called me and signed me on saying they would make me look older with make up. That’s how I got my first role.”


Kangana talks about her journey




Fashion was the turning point in her career

Kangana believes that post Gangster her career graph went downward instead of the other way. And she was almost to reject Fashion because it wasn’t a leading role. “I did a lot of research work for Fashion. Learnt how to walk on ramp, how to behave when high on cocaine and such. I realized with my graph going down, this movie is like a last resort.”

Negative advice given by a Superstar on winning National Award.

It was a prideful moment for Kangana to win the prestigious National Award for her role in Gangster. But the moment came with a pinch of salt when a known Superstar gave her some negative feedback. She said and we quote, “A well known superstar, I won’t take his name, said that how much I have shown my acting abilities in 1 movie he hasn’t even done that much in his 100 films. And actresses in the industry are meant to basically look pretty and not act. I’m sure he meant in a good way.”


Kangana talks about her journey




There’s nothing bad about her

Kangana firmly believes that she has no weak points. But all believe that. “When I’m asked this question about weakness or bad qualities I say there’s none. But no one is ready to accept that. So just to make others happy I name a few.”

Kangana is a romantic at heart

Like most girls, Kangana is too romantic at heart and enjoys reading good poetries. Her Mr.Perfect needs to be intellectually and spiritually attuned for her to gain any interest. “I like a man with good intellectual skills. With whom I can sit and have a good conversation. Being spiritual is also very important to me.” Guys, please take notes!

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