Ten Things you didn’t know about Kapil Sharma
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He has made our weekends funnier than ever. His show, Comedy nights with Kapil, is something everyone looks forward to watch and along with the entire family. But ever wondered the man who makes us laugh so much, how is he in his personal life? Does he ever cry? Does he ever feel low? This week Anupam Kher presented the other life of stand-up comedian Kapil Sharma on The Anupam Kher Show – Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta. Read to know top ten things we’re sure you didn’t know about Kapil!

Kapil comes from a family of cops
Kapil has been many times seen playing the role of a police officer in his gags but he actually comes from a family of one! His father, Shri. Jeetendra Kumar was the Head Constable in Punjab Police and his elder brother too is n the force. “All my uncles are in Punjab Police. I was actually born in a police quarter. Paida hote hi maine dekha itne police officers, maine aise kya galti kardi?”

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He is just like his father

Kapil shared his father’s memories and how he would always laugh, be whatever the situation. Kapil was only 16-17yrs old when his father was diagnosed with cancer at his last stage. When he was admitted in the hospital people would come up to Kapil and say, “We have never seen a patient like your (Kapil’s) father. Someone who is battling cancer and that too at the last stage, he seems to be in such good spirits and so content in life!”

It’s all about family for Kapil

The very first time Kapil participated in a reality show he went on to win the winning prize of Rs.10 lakhs! He immediately called his sister to inform who really didn’t even believe him in the first go. But like he always wanted to, he spent his entire savings including the prize money on his sister’s wedding. “There’s never been a more lavish wedding than my sisters’ in the entire family and I wanted to that for her,” said Kapil.

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He doesn’t take his fame for granted

Earning name and fame is one thing but maintaining humility along is a different ball game altogether. And Kapil understands this fact clearly. He said, “I’m a very moody person. Fans come up to me at airports and ask for pictures. Even if I’m tired or not in the mood I try never denying because this is their love for me and how can I say no to it.”

He feels the pressure to be funny

While we take it for granted, but it’s not entirely possible for comedians to be funny all the time. “I now take my work as a responsibility. My audiences’ expect me to make them laugh whenever I crack a joke. I now feel the pressure of being funny. But I believe that I’ve been chosen by Him to do this special work so I continue to do it with utmost dedication.”

He is an emotional person

He comes across as a very funny man and its difficult to picture him in a serious situation. But in personal life Kapil confesses to be a very sensitive person. “I trust people too much and I cry too easily. There would be moments when everyone expects me to cry and I wouldn’t shed a tear and there are times when I can’t just stop. Like when we were taking our father for funeral the whole journey I was stoic but when the rituals took place something moved in me. I even cry too much sometimes.”

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He takes his struggle as an investment

Before earning such popularity Kapil has done many odd jobs for survival. He has worked in a P.C.O, has picked up crates of Pepsi for money. He has even worked in a cloth mill during his vacations post metric grade. Kapil takes all these experiences as a stepping stone; it’s like an investment for future.

He has no aim in life

He believes he’s a very happy-go-lucky person and has never had huge expectations in life. “I’ve never had aims in life and I don’t really expect much. Whatever I get I’m happy with it. Like when I worked in the mill, I bought a music system from the money I earned because at that time that would have made me sufficiently happy. Music is my first love.”

He credits his success to his Mum

Behind every successful man there’s a woman. And in the case of Kapil he believes it’s his mother. “My mother is a beautiful soul who has not only encouraged me in life but been my strength of pillar. However worse be the situation financially, my mother has always remained him and made sure her children get everything. I believe my sense of humour is a gift from my Mum. She’s funny in her own way and credit all my success to her.”

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His Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai Moment

The first time Kapil applied for his comedy reality show, which he later to win, he was actually rejected in the audition round! But he got a callback and from then on he went on to win the entire series. He believes that if a rejected contestant can get another chance then life mein Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai!

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