The Brangelina of Television!
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  • May 19, 2012
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Hollywood has Brangelina,  Bollywood has Saifeena, and Abhi-Ash, the power couple of Bollywood. This trend of merging  names of the couples together is not new for the big screen. But if films set a trend, how can TV be far behind? Our television industry has finally caught the fever and now has its own couple- Rosid!

Before the question of which couple makes up Rosid arises, we need to tell you that this is not a real life couple, but an on-screen one! This moniker Rosid has risen from the names Roli and Siddhant from Sasural Simar Ka. The most interesting bit is that while the other names like Brangelina and Abhi-Ash have been given by the media, Rosid is the result of the audience's love for the couple.

Though the unusual pairing of the 32 year old Manish Raisinghani and the 14 year old Avika Gor as husband-wife didn't go down too well with the audience, they have slowly but surely warmed up to it. So much so that this couple has numerous Facebook pages and a Youtube channel dedicated enitrely to them.

Says Manish, “I was not aware of such a channel. A fan pointed out to me that they have a channel for us that showcases only Siddhant and Roli's scenes together. This was a pleasant revelation for me.” Though, Rosid might not be a real life couple, but it sure is on screen power couple as Siddhant and Roli's on screen chemistry has given the TRPs a steady boost. Here's wishing more power to this atypical couple.

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