The ‘Hatke’ Jodi of Television
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He is possessive about her and she is madly in love with him. Well, this might be the quation between Kunal and Siddhi in Parichay but off-camera, and the equation between Samir and Keerti takes a 180 degree flip. Both the actors share a a relationship which is not only rare but kind-of cute!

Keerti who has been in awe with the actor since her teens actually considers him to be her mentor. It might sound a little strange, as we have only heard of the lead-jodis of television either being 'just good friends', close buddies, in a relationship with each-other or getting married. But, these two Parichay stars, who are fondly called as 'Sinal' (a portmanteau of Siddhi and Kunal) by their fans, share a rapport that is more like that of a teacher and a student.

Keerti, who refers to Kunal as 'sir' was very hesitant when she bagged the role opposite Samir as a and was nervous to act. Reason? She was a new comer and Samir already had a star status. However, over the period of time this hesitation  turned into a reason to learn more notwithstanding the time she took to overcome the awkwardness to do intimate scenes with samir.

Samir had a bigger role to play in this chemistry. He not only helped keerti overcome her fears and anxiety, but also tried to make her feel comfortable during the intense scenes. Samir figured the unease that Keerti was going through while doing some intimate scenes and that is when he started explaining things to her. Also, his way of pacifying Keerti was to joke about those intimate scenes by telling her that he was equally scared while doing these scenes as he is married and his wife would beat him up.

Awww… how cute!

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