The latest luxury budget task is too crucial for the next captaincy on Bigg Boss 11!
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  • December 19, 2017
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Yet another week and this brings a brand new luxury budget task for the Bigg Boss housemates.






The task is called ‘Poultry Farm’ and the letter mentions how the task will directly affect the next captaincy. As per that, each housemate is a claimant for captaincy, however to be successful in the task the housemates will have to play in such a way that four housemates lose their rights to be the claimants for captaincy.





The garden area to have a poultry farm with a hen placed, the hen to give golden egg at different intervals. Each egg to have the picture of one housemate, the particular housemate will have to ensure saving the egg having their picture on it. In case the other housemates become successful in taking away the egg and putting it in swimming pool then that housemate will be out of captaincy fight.





In that case he/she will have to keep talking to others until it’s time for the next egg to come out!



Tough fight! Lots going to happen tonight, keep watching! 

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