The Week that Was with your one and only Salman Khan!
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  • September 22, 2018
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One week into Bigg Boss Season 12 and we must certainly agree that it’s been an eventful one. From tasks to on-the-spot composed songs, arguments to threats, choosing the house captains to facing the final nominations; here’s summing up what week 1 was all about. Today, being a Saturday, we have with us Salman Khan who will not only review the week that was but also be the decider of all things right.

Well, here's what's in store for you tonight – Weekend Ka Vaar tonight is something you cannot miss for you have Salman Khan composing a peppy Bigg Boss number for you. It doesn’t end there when we talk about music and songs, Deepak Thakur needs to be in the limelight too because:



Barring everything else, everyone in the house thinks Anupji ended up taking the wrong decision. What led to all of them collectively taking this decision and sending him to the torture room? Well, wait to find out on Weekend ka Vaar tonight at 9 pm only on Colors!


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