These developments between Raghu and Dhanak are heartwarming!
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From playing Gujrat ki chhokri to now a badass Mumbai girl, Dhanak is someone who can inspire all of us at some level. While she is known for her honesty and bravery, she is also someone who is full of emotions. She is super protective about her family and is on her way to becoming the IPS officer. Now, married to Raghu, Dhanak is undergoing a whirlwind of emotions and all we can say is that they’re so relatable! Here’s what we’re seeing, and we must say how cute this duo is!

#1 After multiple misunderstandings, Dhanak is now slowly opening up the idea of understanding Raghu’s core.



#2 After their marriage, #RaNak is now seen coming closer and giving each other and their relationship a fair chance. Sweet, isn’t it?

GB 2

#3 Raghu, on the other hand, is seen going that extra mile for Dhanak to see a smile on her face. If you’ve missed it, here’s it is!


#4 Get ready to also witness the absolutely adorable banters between Raghu and Dhanak. They are extreme opposites, however, are connected by heart!



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