Throwback 2015: Best of Chakor
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At such a tender age, Chakor has gone through what most girls at her age cannot even imagine of. Despite coming from a poor family, her zest for life and her determination to fight all odds is quite commendable. Looking at the year gone by, here are a few highlights from the TV show Udann.




School: Little Chakor was seen going to school at the beginning of the year. Despite being ragged by bullies at school, she stood against them all and made her way through.



Chakor meets Chunni: Chakor meets with her twin sister Chunni. Chunni who is sent way so as to be saved from the ‘mauhar’ comes back to Azadagunj and acts like her twin sister Chakor, who everyone believes is dead.



Chakor meets Nawazuddin during Independence day: Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s speech during Independence Day gave Chakor and the other kids to escape. His speech was all about how nothing is impossible if one has the will to achieve it. Listening to Nawaz’s speech Chakor and the other kids found the will to escape their captors.



Chakor becomes Chauka: In order to get away from the goons, Chakor started dressing up as a boy and changes her identity to Chauka. 

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