Top 10 Things you did not know about Vidya Balan #TheAnupamKherShow
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She is one of the most versatile actresses of today’s times but the name and fame didn’t come that easily to Vidya Balan. On The Anupam Kher Show she shared her struggling journey and on how on every difficult step in life she found inspiration. Take a look at lesser known facts of Vidya Balan
1.Vidya is a people-oriented person – Vidya loves being around people and observing their mannerisms. She believes that her personality changes when she’s around optimistic and positive people. “I enjoy being in the company of everyone. You get to observe a lot of things. But when I encounter negative people, I choose to avoid and get out of the situation quickly.”




2.Vidya shot for 90 ads in a row – Initially when Vidya started to work she was getting offers for advertisements.  But her family, especially her mother wasn’t quite fond of the idea of her daughter working in this industry. She said, “Being a South Indian my mother was very particular about me concentrating on studies rather than doing films or ads. But then seeing my keen interest she thought what difference will one ad film make? But before we knew I had completed 90 ads and that too back-to-back!”

3.Vidya was called a Jinx – After doing 90 ads Vidya thought her career had taken off in the right way but her first film deal with popular south actor Mohanlal fell through due to differences between actor and director and she was blamed to be the cause. “When people in the industry got to know that I have been signed on a Mohanlal’s film that time I verbally confirmed around 12 movies. But as soon as that film got shut, I was thrown out from all 12 movies! Everyone started to call me jinx and that began to break me down.”




4.Family and Faith helped Vidya during her struggle – Vidya struggled for 3 years in her career before signing on Euphoria’s music video. And during these difficult times it was her family and her faith that something good will happen that helped her survive. “I am an optimist. Every time I have gone through a rough phase I don’t break down completely. And the three years that I couldn’t find proper work, my family especially my mother stood by me. She would pray that somehow I would get at least 1 movie so that her daughter’s wishes are fulfilled. I would sit for days in Sai Baba temple and cry asking Him to change things.”

5.Vidya is grateful for Parineeta – While doing the music video for Euphoria Vidya worked with director Pradeep Sarkar who promised to sign her for Parineeta. But when Vidhu Vinod Chopra stepped in as producer he was hesitant to take newcomer Vidya. So for months he tested Vidya on various scenes and songs of Parineeta until one test that changed his mind. “The scene where I turn holding my pallu and I look directly at the camera, during doing that I think something changed in me. After already having gone through a low point, when I turned in this scene I had this attitude that ‘I don’t care what happens.’ And when Vidhuji saw that he called me and said “you’re my Parineeta and this is going to change your life and one day you will be grateful to me.” I really am till today!”


6.Two movies that took Vidya to new heights – The Dirty picture and Kahaani are two such movies that brought out the real actor in Vidya and gave her a stronger role in the industry. When Milan Luthria offered her the role of Silk, Vidya thought he had gone mad! But she said, “The Dirty Picture liberated something in me. I became more carefree I guess. I never even wear sleeve-less normally but in this movie I did everything out of my comfort zone.” 

7.Vidya never had to face the infamous ‘casting couch’ – It is believed that actors who come from non-filmy background usually face the trauma of casting couch. But Vidya says she has been very lucky to have always worked with good people and have found work on the basis of her capabilities. “I have never been asked for coffee in a sleazy manner. I have never seen it happening. To girls I would like to say that people will treat you the way you wanted to be treated.”

8. Vidya got lucky with Siddharth – Vidya feels that it’s her good luck to have found a man like Siddharth (Roy Kapur) in her life. “He understands me and more importantly he enjoys my work. I don’t think I can ever be with a person who doesn’t share the same passion as me about work. I’m a very passionate person.”

9.Her KBHSH moment happened in Cannes – It was an opportunity of a lifetime for Vidya when she was offered to be a part of Cannes jury. When she met ace director Steven Spielberg for the first time she was spellbound. “He was the President of the jury and when we got introduced he told me how he wanted to meet me when he had come to India. That really made me so happy. Seeing a director like Spielberg being so humble and kind towards me made me feel that ‘life mein Kuch Bhi ho Sakta Hai!”


10.Vidya is a believer in the Universe – The actress has always put out her desires and believes the Universe is always listening. “I think when someone wants something they should put out their desires and let it go and then forget about it. The Universe will make things happen for you. If you hold on to your desires you’re not giving it a chance to grow and manifest.”

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