Tu Aashiqui: Ahaan faints after this shocking news!
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  • February 6, 2018
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The story of Tu Aashiqui will get more intriguing after Sheetal would file for a divorce, she would even ask the lawyer to remove JD’s name from all her property papers.





On the other hand Ahaan would continue his hunt for Pankti. He would make a video and post it on social networking site.





Pankti would get to know who her kidnapper is. She would even get emotional watching Ahaan’s video. She would try contacting Ahaan.





After a series of events Anita would disclose Ahaan that Pankti is dead, on listening to this Ahaan would faint. But what is the actual truth behind all of this? Where is Pankti?





Every episode is thoroughly going to keep you engrossed.



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