Tu Aashiqui: JD blackmails Pankti.
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Another malicious attempt by JD puts Pankti’s dignity at stake. At the mansion, JD informs Pankti that her mother has once again sold her out to him. Before Pankti could call up Ahaan and inform him, he gives her an injection which makes her unconscious. He then starts taking off her clothes and clicks her pictures. JD does this in front of Sheetal and this moves her to tears.





On the other hand Ahaan, Aparna, Kayra and Manav return to JD mansion with a good news that Pankti and Ahaan’s marriage is fixed.  While everyone is at the dining table Ahaan receives a message from Pankti asking him to meet her. The message is sent by JD, and Ahaan gets shocked to see Pankti lying in his room.



In the upcoming episodes we will also see how JD dresses up a mannequin and murmurs that Pankti’s destiny is in his hands. During Ahaan’s concert Pankti receives a slip that mentions that she left her notations in her room and when Pankti goes to the room she gets shocked to see the mannequin having her pictures that were clicked by JD. JD can malign her name with a single click!





What will Pankti do now? How will the love win over this obstacle? Click here.



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