Urvashi objects Sapna’s gestures
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After going through the tough drill and physical training sessions, the housemates are assigned a second part to their ‘Major Saab ki Sena’  task. In the task, they are divided into two groups – Sidhu along with his protectors, Rajev, Niketan and Urvashi and the other group led by Vrajesh consisting of Delnaaz, Mink, Sana and Sapna. The task has no rules and the end of the objective is to apply Gulaal on Sidhu’s face. The winner of the task is exempted from the morning exercises.

While both the teams take this task seriously, they group themselves in separate rooms to strategize and ideate. Sidhu’s group shut themselves off in the yellow room and Vrajesh’s team dominate the red room. As both the rooms are divided by a glass, the housemates have fun taunting and goading each other through the glass. Taking the fun a little too far, Sapna makes certain actions that Urvashi finds offensive. This results in Urvashi yelling at Sapna to just have fun and not be rude. She is offended while on the other hand, Sapna is telling Urvashi that it’s a joke and that she should lighten up. 

Well, looks like every task is hitting on most of the housemates nerve and now after coffee, eggs, its vulgarity the bone of contention!

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