Uttaran repeats history
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They say nothing lasts forever. If you're rich and successful today, you could be down the dumps tomorrow.  Something similar has happened in the lives of Thakur family. Once upon a time, Damini was the servant and was treated badly by  Nani. But today, she is so rich that she could buy the Thakur haveli and return it to Jogi Thakur.

And just like in the past when Ichcha and Tapasya shared a love-hate relationship and Ichcha could make big sacrifices for her 'Tapu' and in return would get only deceived by the beautiful vamp, their daughters Meethi and Mutka too seem to be following the same footsteps.

As Meethi and Mukta now live under the same roof, the show focuses on their friendship that has turned sour because of their common interest in Aman. Classic! In the following episodes, Meethi will try to be nice to Mukta, the latter will keep pretending to be friends and on insistence of Nani try to turn into Tapasya and backstab her later.

In other news, police has asked Jogi Thakur to come and identify a body, stating that it could be Tapasya. The Thakur family is now in tension and are praying that it doesn't turn out to be their beloved daughter. Will the body be actually of Tapasya or will she make a comeback is a million dollar question right now and am sure all you Uttaran fans are waiting anxiously for the story to unfold.

To catch up on what's happening in Uttaran, check this picture gallery.


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