Vasu to save Megha after an accident!
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  • August 21, 2013
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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha-2 is seeing a lot of major twists and turns over the past few days. From Vasu’s attempts to help Megha and her ruthless rejection of his love, things have been moving pretty quickly in the show. 

And now, the action in Na Bole Tum-2 is about to kick into a higher gear, literally, with Megha getting injured in an accident! Megha will be hit by a car while walking on the road, and will be wounded as a result. But don’t worry, Vasu will become her knight in shining armour despite his love being rejected by her. 

When Vasu sees Mega on the road after the accident, he will rush to save her and take her to the hospital for her treatment. Looks like Vasu’s love for Megha hasn’t decreased even if she doesn’t reciprocate it. Because of Vasu’s timely help,Megha will be fine after being treated by the doctors.

But wait, there’s more. Megha, in her state of shock over the accident, will mistake Vasu for Mohan. And this will lead to a situation where Megha hugs Vasu, thinking him to be her much loved husband! This is not the first time that Megha has seen Mohan’s form in Vasu, but till now, she has been able to control her feelings and not give Vasu any false hopes. 

Looks like this accident sequence is set to change a lot of things between Megha and Vasu. So watch this space for more!  

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