Veer’s advice leaves an impact on Harman.
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This week an injured Harman reaches Savitri Devi College & Hospital for his treatment with Jasleen. Veer and Sanchi feel truly delighted to meet their old friend. They notice Harman limping and come to know about the injury on his leg.








The couple then takes Harman for the treatment. Sanchi asks Harman about Saumya, and both Veer and Sanchi sense something wrong with Harman’s response. Veer being a good friend gives an insight on life to Harman. Seeing Harman in stress, being a doctor he gives an example of certain wounds that aren’t visible though, give immense pain.  He also adds that such wounds must be treated in early stages or else they take dangerous form in the long run. As Veer says this Harman recalls his relationship with Saumya . He truly understands the meaning and thanks Veer and Sanchi post his treatment.









Will this change Harman's heart towards Saumya?




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