Vikas becomes a harsh dictator in the new task on Bigg Boss 11!
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Hina Khan reads out the letter giving the details of yet another task called ‘Vikas City’. Due to the task Vikas can earn certain amount for himself which would get actually get deducted from the final winning prize amount.





As per the task, Vikas will act a cruel dictator who gives orders to his people and they are bound to listen to him. At any time if one person feels that he/she cannot do the work given by the dictator then he/she needs to press the buzzer and through this declare himself or herself out of the task. As a consequence Vikas earns 3 lakhs as an amount. So this means that every time a person presses the buzzer Vikas gets 3 lakhs as a reward.





Eventually at the end of the task how much ever amount Vikas is able to accumulate would get deducted from the winner’s prize amount and have on his own name.





This definitely raises the eyebrows of the housemates.



 As the task is executed one of the orders that Vikas gives is to Puneesh, asking him to go bald. Puneesh refuses, but does that mean Puneesh gives up and presses the buzzer? This we need to watch tonight!


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