Vishakha converts Bela into a snake!
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  • June 28, 2018
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This weekend on Naagin 3, we see Bela and Vishakha worried as she need sometime off from people to convert Bela into a snake. When she gets a chance, Bela goes to her room. Sumi hands Mahir their ‘pushtaini kangan’ and asks him to give it to Bela as a gift. Meanwhile, in the room, Bela is almost getting into her snake avatar with Vishakha’s help but are interrupted. Mahir gives the kangan to Bela and leaves the room. Just after getting out of the room, Kuhu stops Mahir to again get into the room and get the new shoes. By now, parts of Bela’s body are covered with snake skin. Vishakha somehow manages to stop Mahir to get into the room but unfortunately fails. Does Mahir find out already?





In a series of events, Rehan's dead body is on the ground but Jamini, his fiancé, refuses to accept this. Jamini shows a video in which we see some lady following Rehan. On seeing the same, everybody decides to go to jungle to find out the truth. Bela also joins them as she thinks this is the right opportunity to kill Mahir. Sumi doesn't want Bela to join them, but she continues to go. In the forest Bela converts into snake and tries to kill Mahir.




Is she successful in doing so? Stay tuned to find out what happens on Naagin 3, every Saturday and Sunday at 8 pm.

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