Vivian’s heart beats for charity!
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If you have watched Madhubala lately, you have definitely seen RK humiliating and torturing Madhubala at every opportunity. Most of us do find his behaviour towards his new wife despicable. But Vivian DSena, who plays the sadist RK, has a different side to him. A much softer and likeable side. The aspect that we're talking about is his charitable side.
Recently, Vivian walked the ramp for the BETI show with his fiancee Vahbiz Dorabjee, which was for the benefit of the girl child. And Vivian promises that whenever he gets the chance, he will extend his help for charitable causes. Says Vivian,”Walking the ramp in those beautiful clothes was a great experience. We did it for a young girl who was the victim of an acid attack and suffered 70% burns. I'm glad that we could help her live a better life.”

But this isn't the first time that Vivian has done his bit for charity. He also has indulged in his other passion, football, for a good cause. He had played a charity football match arranged for the welfare of junior artists earlier this year. First football and now modelling, we think Vivian is a pro at using his talents for good reasons.

But this ramp walk was special for a personal reason too. Sitting in the audience as he sashayed down the ramp were his future in-laws, Vahbiz's parents. “While walking the ramp, I blew kisses to my beautiful mother-in-law, and it was a special moment indeed.” This is sure a far cry from the relationship that the onscreen Vivian shares with his ma-in-law. 

We told you that Vivian will do his bit for charity the next time such a chance comes up. But he has a wish for such an event. He reveals,”The next time such an opportunity comes up, I would like to walk not with one, but two beautiful ladies, that is, Vahbiz and her mother.” We're sure that this would be a picture perfect frame. 

So Vivian in his RK avatar may be earning a lot of bad karma for his treatment of Madhu, but in real life, its goodwill all the way. After all, his heart seems to be in right place!


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