Watch out! Lauren’s cuteness overload and Faisal’s performance on Jhalak Reloaded this week!
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  • July 16, 2015
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Watch out! Lauren's cuteness overload and Faisal's performance on Jhalak Reloaded this week!

A performance that left the audience awestruck! Yes, you heard it right and we are sure, just the mention of it would have gotten you all geared up! 

This week, Vaishnavi and Faisal performed to the song ‘Batameez dil’ from Yeh Jawaani Hain Deewani and got a standing ovation from the entire audience at the end of it. A brilliant routine definitely worth all the adulation! The praises didn’t just end there; Shahid too jokingly added that if he wasn’t off the market, he would have surely given up his heart to them. Well, that’s something to be proud of! I am sure now all the other participants on the show must be really jealous of the two. And yes, we are too!

Apart from the great performance, there was Lauren who was as usual, her charming little self on the show. We love you Lauren! She didn’t bat an eyelid once when she was asked by Judge Ganesh to say “zindagi jhandva firbhi ghamandva” out loud in front of the entire audience. Attagirl! That’s the spirit! 

So, if you want to know what all happened on the show, don’t forget to catch the next episode of Jhalak Reloaded this week at 9pm

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