Watch the ‘BIGG BOSS’ house scramble for weekly ration and much more
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The house has often witnessed contestants stealing a few ration items and in tonight’s episode, these thieves get a chance to turn into grocery bandits. The master grants the contestants the unusual privilege to ransack the weekly ration with a unique task. For this task, ‘BIGG BOSS’ has constructed two warehouses in the garden area with all the weekly ration and the owners of these godaams are the members of the Dimaag makaan. There is a tunnel right in front of each godaam and the contestants must plunder the ration through it. The members of Dil and Dum makaan pull up their sleeves and the pillage begin. The frenzied and greedy looters speed through the tunnel and grab as many items as they can to ensure that they have enough for the week. The resident of the Dil makaan – Mannara Chopra, who has a few friends in the Dimaag makaan implored the thieves to leave some ration for the occupants of the Dimaag makaan. At this point, ‘BIGG BOSS’ intervenes and mockingly applauds Mannara’s generosity that gets in the way of the task. He announces that in the spirit of the same generosity that Mannara has shown, all the remaining ration goes to the members of the Dimaag makaan. This declaration doesn’t go down well with Aishwarya Sharma and Rinku Dhawan, who are livid about Mannara choosing her friendships over food for the rest of the members. Will the soured relationship between Mannara and Rinku ever be repaired?

Another fight becomes the talk of the mohalla amid the rampage for ration. It all begins with Vicky Jain and Sana Raees Khan, who have had a hot and cold relationship since the beginning of the show. In tonight’s episode, the two have a spat over duties. Vicky calls out Sana for not doing the duty assigned to her and chatting with the members of the Dil makaan instead. Offended by Vicky’s egotistical tone, a disgruntled Sana retaliates by promising that she won’t eat at all for the entire day. Determined to not back down, Vicky complains that Sana has the audacity to throw tantrums over food that others have prepared for her after slacking on her duties. Will this argument sever the ties that were made in the makaan of Dimaag?

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