What happens when Saumya meets Super nani?
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Harak sets Saumya’s saree on fire but Harman comes to her rescue. Later, Varun invites the Harak family over for Surbhi's surprise birthday party. Harman introduces a trainer to Saaya and other Kinnars and asks them to start the process of making toys. In the party, Varun apologies to Surbhi in front of everyone but Surbhi pays no heed to his apology. Harman later talks to Varun and tries to sort out the issue between Surbhi and him. Surbhi's pregnancy is revealed and Dadi asks Saumya to stay away from the family so that Surbhi's child is not born as a transgender. 





After the party, Saumya and Harman reach home late and Harak doesn't let them inside the house which gives them a chance to spend some quality time together. The next day, Varun threatens to expose Saumya's secret if Surbhi doesn't forgive him, and Harman files a case against Varun to teach him a lesson. Preeto's mother a.k.a super nani visits the house and she takes an instant liking to Saumya. But, what will happen when super nani comes to know about Saumya's identity?





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