What To Expect On ‘Rising Star’ This Weekend
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  • March 25, 2017
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Rising Star has been throwing a lot of surprises our way by presenting a different kind of challenge for the contestants as the show gets closer to the midway. This weekend will be no less fascinating than what came before, as we will see the contestants participate in ‘Duets challenge’ where all of them will be randomly paired with one another to perform together and their fates are bound, as a result. It will definitely get heartbeats rising as the contestants have a tough task ahead of them.


While the concept itself is interesting for us to watch, the nerves are rattling elsewhere as each performer gears up for what might be their biggest challenge so far. The paired contestants have to make peace with the fact that they might not be best suited for each other and give it their all to find that perfect harmony and balance. The fear of elimination will also play a big part in how the contestants tackle this phase of the competition which will add another layer of tension. India will once again be at the helm of voting for their favourites but this time, they have to determine the fate of two paired contestants which will be quite a conundrum as the combined effort will be taken into account. Are you ready for the duets challenge? It all begins tonight.


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