What will Gangadar’s decision be?
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Tonight, on Jhansi, Manu appeals to the king to judge Shiva and Bheema’s intentions. Gangadhar promises to give his verdict the next day. While Ross decides to influence the king’s decision, Manu wants to win this fair and square. Will Gangadhar get influenced? Later, Bharat and Tatya plan Shiva and Bheema’s rescue. Going forward, while practicing sword fighting, a disheartened Manu recalls the past events where she tried to put in her best effort but failed. Kashi then tells her to visit Kali temple. In the meantime, Janki manipulates a drugged Gangadhar. At the Kali temple, Gangadas asks Manu for Bheeksha and she offers her marriage kangan. He tells Manu to channel her emotions to her advantage. He even gives her an example of Raktabeej and tells her to awaken the devi within her. This gives Manu some confidence and she walks about with a dedicated mind to save Shiva and Bheema!


What’s the next step that she will take? Tune in to Jhansi Ki Rani from Monday to Friday at 9:30 pm to know more.

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