What’s in Jillan’s fate?
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Amidst the gorgeous Persian landscapes, we introduce to you Saifu (Anarkali's name) who lives with her aunt Jillan’s family. She’s a happy-go-lucky orphan who seems to have a knack for perfumery. Soon, in the wake of a raid by Turkish invaders, Saifu and Jillan are forced to run towards India. In another sequence, we see Akbar, who is on a pilgrimage with a huge caravan. Here’s where Prince Salim is introduced. Simultaneously, Jillan and Saifu take shelter at the same oasis where Akbar’s caravan has halted for the day. This is where Salim and Saifu see each other for the first time.






Back in Agra, Ruqaiya planned an attack on Salim but gets the news of her plan failing yet again. Following this, Akbar visits a famous shrine in the area, and the chief priest of the shrine makes a prophecy about Anarkali as a future challenger to the Mughal throne. Going forward, we get to know that the Krishna idol was missing and Khanum blames Jillan for stealing the same. Jillan is arrested on the charges of theft. She is then presented before Akbar where a hearing takes place. Young Anarkali comes in Jillan’s defense by reciting one incident from the past. Akbar hears Anarkali out but in the absence of any proof, Akbar takes the decision and asks Jillan and Anarkali to leave Agra. Will Salim be able to help little Anarkali here?









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