What’s next for Harman and Saumya?
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  • August 23, 2018
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This week on Shakti, Supernani’s son comes to take her and she leaves the house. Surbhi curses her father Maninder for not being affectionate towards Saumya. We see Harman and Saumya spending quality time together. Preeto, on the other hand, is worried and is seen praying for Saumya and Harman. Shanno and Veeran plan something fishy. In order to get Harman back home, Veeran brainwashes Harak and asks him to transfer all the property in his name.


The duo is seen getting comfortable in their new life. They even cut woods in the forest to earn some money. Varun tries to get Harman’s mobile location. Harak regrets his decision from the previous night and asks Veeran to throw the papers that he signed in a drunken state, however, Veeran fools him and says that he has already processed the papers. Preeto calls Harman and offers him some money but Harman refuses. Varun finally tracks their location and Veeran is on his way to attack Harman and Saumya! Going forward, Saya and Chameli are seen getting tensed when they learn that a couple’s pyres are being burnt.


Are they really Harman and Saumya? What happens next?

Stay tuned to Shakti from Monday to Friday at 8 pm.

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