What’s next for Roop?
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This week on Roop, Palak comes and takes Roop away from Ishika and asks him about why he never asked her out for coffee. At a tapri shop, Roop and Hardik are chatting about Ishika when she comes there with her friends. On bringing tea for her, Ishika breaks the glass and leaves without paying for it. Purvi was on a video call with her fiancée who asks her to dance for him. Ishika hears this and gets annoyed after which Kanti asks Ishika to not interfere in Purvi’s life. On the other hand, Roop messaged Ishika regarding the amount and Ishika replied saying that if you have the ability, then he can pay the amount himself. Roop reaches Ishika’s house to take the money and return her scarf. While returning the scarf, it gets stuck in Roop's jacket which eventually Tau sees! How will Roop and Ishika react to this?


Roop and Hardik are constantly sending messages to Ishika thinking that she’ll respond. Going forward, Roop leaves to pick Ranveer up and finds that Ranveer rescued a man who was found eve-teasing a girl. How will Roop react to this? In a sequence going forward, Ranveer and Roop fight with each other as Ranveer is against his idea of Hotel Management and forces him to fight. Shamsher is seen happy with the fight. What does this lead to?


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