What’s upsetting Roop?
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This week on Roop, we see Shamsher telling Ranveer that he will be punished for all that he has done and asks him to sign a confession letter. This letter states that he had kidnapped Roop and Shamsher. At first, he denies but later agrees and faints. Shamsher looks at the wounds and starts dressing it. He goes to take water for himself. Just then, Ranveer is seen shooting a bullet towards Shamsher but misses it. In his defense, Shamsher takes out his gun and shoots Ranveer. This incident is witnessed by someone. Who could this person be?


Later, Roop reaches the police station. Everyone there is prepping up for the 26th January celebrations. Amidst all this, Roop declares that he will not become a daroga. How does Shamsher react to this?


Going forward, Sumer, Ranveer’s brother enters and is seen asking for Shamsher’s address. Does he find his way out? How will Shamsher and his family react to this? We also see Ishika and Ranveer getting closer by the day through little gestures.

The cops also raid a hotel where Roop works as a chef and in cuts, Shamsher is seen there too. This upsets Roop and connects it to him turning down the opportunity of being a daroga.

Tune in to Roop from Monday to Friday at 10 pm to know more.


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