Who is the Real Jodi? Find out tonight!
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  • October 1, 2018
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Post the double eviction stress that the housemates went through, tonight’s a tough night in the house for the jodidars ought to make some very brutal decisions! Interested in finding out more? Well, firstly, Day 15 starts with a BIGG surprise! Any guesses on what that could be? Secondly, as per tradition, nominations ki prakriya starts tonight and the jodidars are supposed to sacrifice a thing or two, or more to save their fellow jodidars, who FYI have been kidnapped by one of the single contestants. The jodidars are given only a few minutes to take a call. Here’s a sneak peek for you.

Be it makeup, branded clothes or hair; the kidnappers want it all! Saba, Anupji, Sourabh and Urvashi; will their respective jodidars go the extra mile to save them? This week’s nomination task will be challenging as it will test the level of bonding between the jodis!


Stay tuned for all the deets tonight on Bigg Boss only at 9 pm!


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