Who is the victim?
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  • June 11, 2019
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Tonight, on Kesari Nandan, everyone is seen panicking when they hear the gunshot. Meanwhile, we see some goons who have surrounded Hanumant Singh. He then gets down to fight with him. Kala Singh catches Hanumant and he feels like he is the one who has robbed all of his money. Going forward, we see that Kesari tries to reach her father, however, she is unable to.


Sometime later, the entire family is at the hospital except for Hanumant Singh. At the police station, Kesari notices that Kala Singh is trying to hide something from Hanumant Singh. Kesari then heads outside and decides to dodge the cop. Succeeding in doing so, Hanumant and Kesari manage to escape and reach the hospital. The doctors inform Madhavi that they will need blood for Jagat at the earliest. Just then we see that Hanumant has entered and has been taken to the room to give blood. Will Hanumant Singh be able to help? Will Jagat respond to the doctor’s treatment?

Tune in to Kesari Nandan tonight at 8:30 pm to find out more!

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