Who is threatening Zoya?
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The week starts with Zoya feeding the crows and eventually realizes that they’re losing consciousness. On running inside, she sees everyone feeling sick and fainting. Looking at them, Anjana immediately calls the doctor. Once everything settles down, Anjana blames Zoya for this and everyone supports her too. On being blamed, Zoya is very upset, however, Aditya comes in and tries to make her happy. While Aditya and Zoya are having their moment, Zoya gets a call from the same blackmailer who tries to threaten her but Zoya tells her that now she won’t be following any of her instruction and cuts the call.






The next morning, an idol of Goddess Durga is brought in the Hooda house and again, Anjana doesn’t leave a chance to taunt Zoya. Going forward, Zoya is seen going to an orphanage and distributing gifts to them. While playing with them, she sees a lady who is dressed in a saree similar to Anjana’s and gets suspicious. She gets worried when she overhears her talking about moohdikhayi and playing him money for the same.






Going forward, the family celebrates Navratri where Zoya is put through immense pressure of saving her family from those threatening phone calls. However, she has Aditya by her side and seven promises they made to each other!

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