Who loves Ishika and Roop as much as we do?
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  • July 12, 2019
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Oozing with grace and confidence, this much-talked-about couple on the television screen and our personal favourite is winning hearts all over. From their cute chemistry on-screen to them complimenting each other so well, Roop and Ishika are easily #1 on our list. Apart from being great actors, Roop and Ishika are also known to ace their fashion game every time. They are experimental and always on top of their game to look nothing but fabulous. Recently, we came across a few of their pictures and we must say how incredible they have looked in their contemporary get up! 


#1 From pastel ethnics to dapper jackets, this duo is so in-sync!


#2 Checkered patterns to chic styles, Roop and Ishika prove that classics will always be classics. 
#3 Basics over literally anything and everything. Looks like it's their mantra too. 


#4 Contemporary with a tinge of experimental for the lady, while a subtle day-to-day look for him will never run out of style.





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