Who will be the ‘Fantastic-Four’ of Jhalak?
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  • September 20, 2012
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Anxiety, excitement, curiosity, eagerness and much more… this is what Jhalak's Semi-finale has brought along!Fourteen weeks down the line, between astonishing acts, mesmerizing performances and shocking eliminations, Jhalak has amped-up the exict-o-meter for its fans.

Coming weekend will see one dancing star bidding adieu and the top-four dancing stars locking horns over the Jhalak stage in the 'Blast from the Past' episode, where they will team-up with the previous year's contestants.

While some have popularity on their side, the others have their talent and hard work to bank upon, but who gets to see the light of the day is all dependent upon jadui janta, who has been very unpredictable through the season.

Audience looks forward to Bharti's naughty and rib-tickeling performances along with her post-dance performance. Her chemistry with host Manish is not only entertaining but very lively. Bharti's crush for Remo and her antics to impress him are worth a week's wait. 

Gurmeet on the other hand has a mamoth fan following. His on-screen avtaar has added onto his popularity on the Dance Show. That's not all, we have also seen Gurmeet's geometric postures, turning into curves and finally waves. The hot television actor has certainly impressed his fans as well as have added more into the to the list.

She has been struggeling with her injury, but is ready to be 'Back with the Bang'! Isha the iron-woman, as we would like to call her, has inspired many with her passion for dancing. After missing the performances for two weeks, we will get to see Isha perform (if she stays, that is!)

Moving on, the last two contendors of the semi-finale round, Rashmi & Rithvik, maneuvered their way into the competition by grabbing the Wild-card door. They not only impressed the judges and audiences with graceful and breathtaking performances, but also earned an entry ticket on the show. Rubbing shoulders with the original contestant's they have also traveled an equally long distance but in shorter time. rashmi with her adas and grace has been impressing the judges and Rithvik's infectious energy brings the house down.

Between the talent and enenries moving in different directions, Jhalak will surely be able to find the right beam for the next week. 

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