Why is Roop behaving weird?
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  • March 18, 2019
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This week on Roop, we see Roop asking Ishika to apologize to Shamsher because as per him, she insulted him. She unwillingly does so and leaves. Later in the evening, we show the family prepping up for Holika Darshan at the Waghela house where Roop and Shamsher come drunk. In this state, Roop even spoils the Rangoli made by Ishika and goes inside. He is then seeing coming out of the room with a bag which has Kinjal’s books, Jigna’s wedding album and the keys of his dhaba, and orders everyone to put them away in the pyre! They don’t agree to this and are shocked looking at Roop’s behaviour. Will Roop get them to do this forcefully?


Going forward, we see Bua telling everyone to support Roop and not go against him, however, no one reacts. On the next day that is Holi, we see that everyone’s clothes are missing when Roop calls them to play Holi. When Ishika is about to put colour on Roop, he holds her hand and tells her that he will play Holi with her only if she follows his instructions. How will she react to this? Tune in to Roop from Monday to Friday at 10 pm to know more.

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